About USE Maastricht

USE MAASTRICHT is originating from the Spiritual Fair Maastricht and has always taken place on the first Sunday of October. The first five years from 1999 until 2003 and then only ten years later as of 2013.

The Spiritual Fair Maastricht has emerged from the massage practice "Integrale Massage Iris" with the purpose to connect exhibitors and visitors focussing on Well Being. Therapists and (spiritual) coaches offer a wide range of possibilities focussing on the balance between body & mind. Because that's what it was and still is all about in the practice of "Integrale Massage Iris".


In 2014 Iris Stomp, the founder of the fair, decided to modernize the concept. The name changed into USE Maastricht (Universal Spiritual Event) and each year the program is adapted to the essence of the current times covering up-to-date and various themes.

USE MAASTRICHT: the place to be for people to connect with each other with the purpose to clearly see who they are as well as others. A place where everyone is focussed on a healthy and happy life filled with wisdom.


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