Jan Smeets

Jan Smeets (1980) teaches Tai Chi and Wu Shu since 2013.

"Evenly shaped trees can evenly absorb forces that they have to endure, as those are evenly discharged and spread throughout their body." - Peter Wohlleben, the secret life of trees

In this life we are all warriors. There are big and small, as well as inner and outer battles. Ultimately, all is one: body, mind and soul.

In Tai Chi you learn to generate, consolidate and evenly transform energy into a movement. After a simple but effective warm-up, we will practice one of the ancient Tai Chi styles like the Wu, Chen and Yang. They are the branches of the Tai Chi tree. Just as the evenly shaped tree mentioned in the above quote, you will learn how to let energy flow throughout your whole body while remaining aware of your environment. By finding, losing and regaining balance, you will learn to cope with setbacks with the resilience and fortitude of a well-rooted tree in the earth.

In Wu Shu we look at the basics of Martial Arts. You build endurance, learn how to master techniques, and the hardest part: how to relax and stay centered in yourself during a battle. Where is the self and against whom do you fight during a battle? Essential in the Martial Arts is to acknowledge your own power. Only by knowing your own power as well as your weaknesses, you can fool your opponent. If you then also know those of your opponent & yourself, you are invincible. Bringing peace is more important than winning the fight. After a well-won battle you don't have an enemy but a newly-won friend. By feeling into situations with accurate judgement you can win the battle before it even takes place.

Jan Smeets has a Master of Arts at the University of Maastricht. He runs his own writing desk and teaches Tai Chi and Wu Shu for various age groups. Since 16 years he trains in various Martial Arts disciplines at EQ Maastricht.