Casa Soñadora - Zippora & John

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‘Casa Soñadora’ literally means, the house of the dreamster and is founded by Zippora Roesmijantie Martosoewando. She stands as the embodiment of dreams. A holding space, to connect to and experience what it is like to truly, live dreams.

Through Body work & Vocal word, Expressing Arts and through Textile & Clothing she does her Healing Work. 

Website: Soñ

Facebook: the embodiment of dreams


John Zacharias Newton is a meditation practitioner and facilitator. He has extensive training in the Insight meditation tradition of Theravadan Buddhism. Two years ago He was certified to teach mindfulness by senior meditation teacher and social activist Christopher Titmuss. He encourages a creative, open approach to meditation, with an emphasis on practice and play. 

John offers support for those looking to develop their practice and meditative skills, and occasionally give classes in Amsterdam. He can be contacted at

He is also part of the monastic academy in Vermont, US, a center for rigorous meditation training and transformational leadership:



Workshop: Developing Mindfullness of the Body

Come join for a guided meditation practice where we will explore ways of cultivating mindfulness of the body. The session will start with a calming breath exercise, before going into a simple guided meditation, followed by a brief reflection and opportunity for questions. 

The encouragement in this workshop is to view mindfulness and meditation not as an experience, but rather a way of relating to experience. In this way, the invitation is to open to whatever may be present at the time, with a curiosity for how views shape experience. 

The session will be in English. All welcome!

Workshop: The Art of Touch ~An Odyssee Through the Self

In this session we will allow our hands and voice to guide us through the imagination and the energy body, exploring receptivity and directedness, masculinity and femininity, through self-touch and sound. 

We will start with a metta ‘loving kindness” meditation, using imagination and intention to direct gratitude to the hands for all that they do for us in this life. This will take us into a more open and exploratory journey engaging the hands in self-touch and gentle massage. 

The session will be in English. All welcome!